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Hello!  My name is Max, and I am the owner and operator of Insalon Towel and Laundering Service.  The squinty woman next to me is my partner, local precision haircutter Sara Wollerson.  It was through her, and other hairstylists in our social circle, that this business idea came to life.

Insalon Towel and Laundry service was founded on the principle that hairstylists time is too valuable to be spent doing laundry.  Each minute spent loading, unloading, and folding towels is a minute that could be spent focusing on client experience, managing schedules, booking appointments, or simply sitting and relaxing in between clients.

I know that a day in a salon can get hectic- and I am here to help streamline your workflow.  I offer daily, bi-weekly, and weekly services.  Each service includes pickup, cleaning, folding, and redelivery- no more time spent waiting on laundry, no more rushing around looking for a clean towel, no more time spent ignoring clients in your chair, more time spent optimizing your business.

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